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Centre Colours

The leading manufacturer and supplier of pigment dispersions
and top-quality concentrates in the UK

It’s what we offer that
makes us different

Working with established businesses and start-ups in the printing, paint, and coatings industries – we help to bring colour to life.

With specially formulated and manufactured concentrates, we provide a range of unique and innovative colours to add to any finished product.

With customisation and bespoke services forming part of our raison d`etre, we offer high-quality solutions in ink, suitable for any shape or size business. There is no dispersion batch too small or performance products too large that we can’t help you with.

We’re wholly independent and like to think of ourselves as big enough to offer the most professional service around, yet small enough to provide bespoke products required by our customers.

Products and services we provide include: 

  • Bespoke and customised products, specific to your requirements 
  • Toll manufacturing service for your formulations 
  • Manufacturing processes and expert teams who can formulate colours for you 

If you’re looking for a company and specialist team who can handle mixing inks on a large scale as well as small-batch work; a company who promises 100% quality solutions, first time every time, while also offering quick turnaround times and professional advice and guidance, then you’ve come to the right place! 

Call our team of experts today to see how we can help you. 

Areas of operation

With a state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing plant combined, we supply to businesses worldwide.

Renowned for developing and manufacturing high-quality pigment dispersions as well as providing exceptional customer service throughout, we’ve built our reputation over the years to be the supplier of choice for companies operating in the paint, coatings, and ink industries.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a continuous supply of products or a one-off batch including formulation, Centre Colours can help.

Providing you with an exceedingly high level of service, with high-quality products you won’t find anywhere else, call us now on
01977 865 458 and see why so many people use Centre Colours for their pigment dispersion needs.

Pigment dispersion properties you should you look for when assessing quality

To achieve good quality inks and paints, pigments (and quality pigments at that) are what really make the difference.

When looking at pigment dispersions for your ink and paint products, you need to consider:

A company who can provide you with customisation and bespoke services, like those at Centre Colours. Manufacturing specific pigment dispersions customised and specifically formulated to suit your particular requirements.

Your end product. All pigments are reasonably stable; however, pigment selection will depend on end-use. For example, car pigments require excellent lightfastness, whereas those on a cereal box, for example, don’t.

The fineness of the grind. This is a key factor in pigmentation, and different industries and different products will all have different requirements all dictated by the end-use.

Quality pigment dispersions that avoid toxic ingredients wherever possible.

At Centre Colours, we can offer and provide advice and support on all of the above and more!

We’re experts when it comes to finding the right pigment dispersions for our customers.

Offering customised and bespoke products, call us now on
01977 685458 to find out more.

Services that outperform 

We provide a wide variety of specialised services and bespoke solutions when it comes to dispersion and concentrates, ranging from ready-made solutions to custom made formulations based on your requirements. 

We’re aware that working in the ink, paint and coatings industry, many businesses will already have their own proven, tried and tested formulas, and solely wish to make the most of our first-class manufacturing services. 

Others in the sector need our help and input with the creation of entirely new innovative products or indeed improvements and tweaks to existing ones. 

Whatever the need for our services, we’re happy to help with it all. 

When it comes to finding the raw materials for the manufacturing of these products, this might be something your team does internally, and once sourced, these can then be sent to us for toll manufacture, or you may prefer us to source and purchase these materials on your behalf, carrying out the entire process within our factory. 

We also carry a stock of standard products; however, don’t let the word standard fool you, we can also customise and tailor to specific requirements as necessary. 

Why choose Centre Colours? 

Our reputation in the industry when it comes to providing high-quality products precedes us. 

We are known for providing our customers with high-value and high-quality, pigment dispersions, all offering excellent development in colour, incredible transparency, and a high strength threshold. 

We know that pigment dispersions must be perfect and correct 100% of the time, offering effectiveness and efficiency in their design and development. That’s why we design and produce our products to last — creating customisable and bespoke products from our selection of pigments while continuing to keep quality high and costs competitive. 

Using and continuously developing performance inks, no company can outperform Centre Colours. 

Working with a range of businesses all with a diverse product range and offering, we tailor our processes to meet each and every individual and unique requirements 

As a team of experts, we continue to work ahead of the curve, and as such, our product ranges continue to develop, change, and innovate. We strive to ensure that the customised concentrates we produce go hand in hand with our exceptional customer service and approach to partnership working. 

Our Team 

Our team are complete professionals in all that we do and everything that we offer. Trained to the highest standards we invest in our team and our manufacturing processes and equipment to provide customers with the very best in pigment dispersion. 

Our team understands that for many, products need to be specifically designed to carry out a specific job. Because of this, our services and formulation developments are entirely confidential. We work with non-disclosure agreements keeping new products and formulations in-house and top secret until you announce and launch the final product to the world. 

To help you achieve the functionality that you need, we can work with you to develop performance products, including coatings and inks specific to the task at hand, keeping to all and every confidentiality agreement. 

We’re the team who you can trust to bring your innovations and new products to market, quickly, efficiently, and discreetly. 

Call today to speak to one of Centre Colour’s pigment dispersion specialists. 

Could your company benefit from pigment dispersion? 

Pigment dispersions can be used for a range of different products and materials, and are primarily found in the ink, paint and coatings industries.   

Also used for the industrial coating of construction equipment, aircraft production and more.  Pigment dispersions are adaptable, excellent value, high-quality and can provide long-lasting colour. 

At Centre Colours we understand that not all coatings are the same, and we understand and modify formulations accordingly to make sure that everything is fit for purpose. 

If you could benefit from a highly successful and qualified pigment dispersal team, call  

Centre Colours today on 01977 685458 and let us help you manufacture the right industrial coatings that are required for your company’s products. 

In walks pigment dispersion.

Offering much better value and higher quality longer lasting colour, as due to the thermal stability pigments can provide, colours are less likely to fade due to washing or exposure to sunlight!

Pigment dispersion also offers a whole host of benefits to the industrial coating of construction equipment, aircraft production and more!

Being able to adapt to different circumstances in these instances is one of the main benefits, modifying and changing the pigments used making it suitable for the materials you need for your business/product.

Not all coatings are the same, and we understand and modify formulations accordingly to make sure that everything is fit for purpose.

If you could benefit from a highly successful and qualified pigment dispersal team, call

Centre Colours today on 01977 685458 and let us help you manufacture the right industrial coating that is required for your company products.

First-class products in a range of sizes 

We work with a range of businesses all differing in size, and our typical pigmentation and formulation orders can range from 50kg to 10 tonnes upwards.  

We want to develop relationships built on trust. Offering you a reliable service, complete confidentiality, a transparent pricing system all with the highest-quality products around. 

Producing outstanding and consistent results, now is your time to gain a technical advantage cost-effectively. 


ISO9001:2008 for quality management systems, standards, and guidelines quality and ISO14001:2004 for environmental management systems, standards, and guidelines. 

Contact us on 01977 685458 or email, or if you’re in Leeds and you would like to speak to us in person, call in, we’d love to chat with you further. 

Centre Colours is synonymous with first class products. These can be tailored to your precise requirements. Our stringent manufacturing controls ensure that quality is never compromised and all batches are fully documented during manufacture.

Pigment powder and liquid paint

What we do

Our customers are primarily in the inks, paints and other coatings sectors. Most already have a clear idea of the kinds of product needed for the markets that they serve and often have their own proven formulations. Often this results in the customers supplying the raw materials to us for toll manufacture. Alternatively we can provide a full service which includes sourcing materials ourselves if this is more convenient for you.

A bespoke service

The applications for inks and paints are many and varied. This is why we provide a bespoke service to individual customers rather than attempt to provide “off the shelf” solutions for all eventualities. We do however have products that we have developed in our laboratories as standard ranges that are potentially of interest to several companies. For example, lithographic ink companies may be interested in our pigmented concentrates for use in conventional sheetfed, heatset and radiation-cured inks.

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