5 Colourful Places To Visit In LeedsWherever we go, colour is all around us. Even in the busiest cities in England, we can be sure to discover beautiful, colourful places among high-rise buildings and concrete walkways. Leeds is no exception, despite being one of the biggest industrial cities in the country.

Find colour inspiration next time you visit Leeds with a trip to one of these 5 vibrant spots.

Street Art

This isn’t technically a place, but is certainly something worth looking out for during your next trip to Leeds. Take a stroll down Vicar Lane or wander through Leeds Outdoor Market to spot incredible graffiti pieces just bursting with colour. The recent “A City Less Grey” project means that vibrant street art can now be found all over, so grab a coffee and get exploring!

The Dark Arches

Don’t be fooled by the name – colour can even be found in the “Dark Arches”. Nestled underneath Leeds railway station lie the brick arches, which have been celebrated in recent years for their historical and architectural significance – but that’s not all. Magnificent light installations illuminate Neville Street tunnel with fantastic beams of neon blue, pink, purple, green, orange and yellow. The installation was designed to make pedestrians feel safer and to bring a touch of life to the otherwise eerie tunnels.

Leeds Art Gallery

Art galleries tend to be colourful, but Leeds Art Gallery is certainly extra special. The gallery recently underwent refurbishment, and is now home to a geometric patterned wall designed by the contemporary artist Lothar Götz. The mural, named “Xanadu”, was commissioned to bring life to the gallery’s Victorian Staircase, and has since become a popular photography spot for tourists and visitors.

Victoria Quarter

The Victoria Quarter is home to an abundance of bustling shops, cafes and restaurants, not to mention the largest stained glass window in Britain. Just look to the sky to catch a glimpse of the stunning glass installation which spans an incredible 746.9 square metres. Wonderful shades of orange, green and blue stained glass make this a hotspot you can’t miss.

Parks and Woodlands

There’s something magical about finding colour in nature, so why not escape city life and visit one of Leeds’ most famous parks? Wildlife is full of surprises, and you’re bound to find all the colour inspiration you need among the grass, berries and flowers of Leeds’ countryside. Woodhouse Ridge, Roundhay Park and Yorkshire Sculpture Park are just three of the many parks to visit on your next trip to Leeds.

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