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When it comes to manufacturing high-quality pigment dispersions,
the team at Centre Colours is the best choice.

What we offer

Proud to offer customers, both new and existing, tailored manufacturing processes to suit a wide range of requirements. Working on innovative products, our team of highly-skilled technicians are trained to the highest standard and use the latest technology and precise manufacturing processes to find the right and most suitable solution for you. 

We base our company philosophy around our core values, as we “aim to produce high-quality pigment dispersions fit for purpose, matched with exceptional customer service and competitive prices.” 

Our core values are what has helped us to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of pigment dispersions and concentrates over the years. 

Our company values and promises are:

  • To continually offer the highest quality products, using the most advanced technology and equipment available. Choosing the right raw materials and formulation methods to meet bespoke requirements and continually investing in our staff to drive this level of quality through all of our products. 
  • To provide exceptional customer service, going above and beyond customer expectations. Helping to deliver products on time, to play our role in supporting innovations in marketplaces, and to provide an environment for our teams to grow and develop. 
  • To always offer open, honest, and fair pricing policies throughout! 
    • We’re also independent. We’re not owned or dictated to by any of your competitors, making us stand alone and independent to you. Important for commercially sensitive work and working within the guidelines of non-disclosure agreements (which we’re also happy to do). 

      Building our company ethos around our customers, we make sure we continually supply first-class products with the service level you deserve – that’s why when it comes to pigment dispersions and concentrates, we’re the supplier of choice for companies around the world. 

    Centre Colours is synonymous with first class products. These can be tailored to your precise requirements. Our stringent manufacturing controls ensure that quality is never compromised and all batches are fully documented during manufacture.

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