Our facilities reflect our expertise and ability to provide high-class products to a wide range of customers.

We work hard on our processes, always adapting and changing to improve and tailor to specific requirements, as well as to reflect the ever-changing demands and clients who we work for.

As the leading manufacturer in the pigment dispersion and concentrates industry, our technical skill and ability are second to none.  We’re different because we continually invest in our staff and our equipment, staying up to date with advances in technology and machinery available, as well as making sure our teams are trained in how to use these.

But it’s not all about us.  We carry out all these steps while making sure these benefits and investments are passed back to our customers through high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Providing you with the most competitive prices around, our facilities are designed with you in mind.

Designed to be able to offer you the standard and performance products you require, all under one roof, all manufactured by one team.

You can have complete assurance that your project is in safe hands with Centre Colours.

We also hold two prestige accreditations: ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems, standards, and guidelines quality and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management systems, standards, and guidelines.

If you want to know about our equipment and the full range of services we have to offer

Where the magic happens…

…in our specifically designed and kitted out laboratories!

With equipment and tools including:

  • Various fineness of grind gauges to cover a range of different particle sizes. These are used in conjunction with an automated test rig which eliminates differences in drawdown technique between different staff
  • Laboratory Oven
  • Laboratory scale mill
  • Tack-O-Scope
  • Three different models of Brookfield Viscometer
  • Light cabinet
  • Flow gauge
  • Mixer
  • Drying gauge
  • UV Curing rig
  • Screen printing equipment
  • Density (S.G.)
  • And more

At Centre Colours, our facilities are packed with the latest technology and the equipment needed, enabling us to support our customers through the entire pigment dispersion process.  We’re proud to have built our business over the years to be able to offer the level of service we can today.

Take advantage of our know-how and expertise, call us today on 01977 685458

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Based in the heart of Leeds, are factories are centrally located with our doors always open to visitors.

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