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Centre Colours can help!

When it comes to performance inks, we understand that you may be looking for something a little bit different from
the “norm.”  Manufacturing your own formulation of paint or ink which you can make exclusive to you and your customers.

Using the raw materials available, Centre Colours can work with you to achieve this perfect formulation.

Colour pigment pantone guide

Using the most advanced technology

At Centre Colours, we’re known for manufacturing high-quality brightly coloured concentrates while keeping overall performance of the final product in mind.

We listen to your project requirements as well as gain an understanding of the end product, and we devise pigment dispersions and concentrates suitable for all.

Developments in technology have allowed for paints and inks to become so much more than protective or decorative coatings.

For example, novel pigments are now being developed and used to disseminate particular chemical and physical properties, properties different to colour.

One of the biggest properties developed and used is graphene, which now brings with it its own benefits and solutions.  Ultimately, making pigment dispersion much more accessible to a far more wider reaching audience.

A quick run-down on graphene

Two hundred times stronger than steel, graphene is a formation of carbon, which unlike most toughened materials can be stretched and pulled without the risk of shattering.  It also has incredible barrier properties and is vast becoming very valuable to specific industries.

Along with other two-dimensional pigments, graphene is now manufactured to help develop coatings and inks suitable for electrical conductivity and resistivity, offering rapid fabrication and a whole host of innovative possibilities.

To learn more about graphene and its properties, click here.

Leading the way for more versatile ceramic materials

At Centre Colours we can formulate and manufacture a range of pigments and concentrates suitable for the development of coatings and inks which can then be applied to new materials and their intended substrates.

For example, we can help produce coatings which bond the ceramic materials to the intended substance while ensuring no residual ash is left after stoving takes place.

Offering exciting and further opportunities for a wide range of industries now and in the future. we aim to provide an increase in the versatility of ceramic materials for customers, allowing such materials to be used for high resistance to chemical reactions, high temperatures and high wear.

Pigment powder and liquid paint

Know your raw materials

We offer two manufacturing avenues for our customers:

  1. You have the formulation and the raw materials already at your disposal, and you would like us to manufacture these materials into the finished product, or
  2. You would like us to source the raw materials, design the formulation and manufacture the final product – completing the entire cycle on your behalf.

We’re completely flexible in our approach, and when it comes to raw materials, this is more than just electronics for us.

We monitor the availability of raw materials very carefully, working in pigment dispersion this is a must. With more and more variants in raw materials becoming available, the result is that the development of new products could take over existing technologies and most certainly lead the way to new and innovative products and services.

For our industry, we’re confident that coatings in one form or another will play a vital role in the development of these new inventions and bringing these products to market.

Our raw material structures

When we think of raw materials, for us pigments are the most obvious choice. However, there is, for us, no “best” raw material when it comes to the development of concentrates.

For example, to us, blues aren’t better than reds and vice versa.
What we mean by this is that the raw material used depends on what the final product is and what it is being used for.

For example, pigments used for car paint have excellent lightfastness but can be on the expensive side. Whereas newspapers are often discarded at the end of the day so in this sense lightfastness for their purpose is not needed.

At Centre Colours some of our main chemistries used in our laboratory include the conventional oleoresinous systems which are based on tree resins and vegetable oils, and our UV curable systems, which are based on synthetic chemicals such as urethanes, polyesters, and acrylates.

To find out more about how we can help when it comes to creating the perfect formulation, contact our team of experts now on 01977 685458, we’d be happy to help.

Be part of something different

We work with a variety of different businesses, creating, developing and innovating. We aim to help shape the everyday objects of tomorrow by working together today.

From the paint that is used to mark sheep in fields to the ink used on computer keyboards or indeed on different types of printed packaging, we work with customers across all industries to offer the colour concentrates required to achieve the perfect outcome.

Working collaboratively, we can achieve great things, providing innovation across industry sectors; and we want YOU to join our client list.

Call us on 01977 685458 if you would be interested in getting involved. Alternatively, you can email us at info@centrecolours.co.uk for further information and to chat with one of our team.

industrial pigment dispersion in Leeds

Commercially sensitive project?  We’ve got you covered!

In this industry, we understand that much of the work which is carried out is commercially sensitive, with formulations and raw materials, etc. needing to be kept under wraps while in development.

That’s why at Centre Colours we can, and will, work with you and your internal teams under non-disclosure agreements — helping to fulfil your project requirements and support you with the manufacturing processes when your concept is ready for production.

We’re here for you.  Our team is highly skilled and complete professionals when it comes to the work we carry out and the customers and projects which we work for and on.

It is this commitment to you that has led to us being the number one manufacturer and supplier of pigment dispersions and concentrates throughout the UK.

Call us on 01977 685458 to talk through your project requirements today.

Innovation from within

Over the years we’ve found more and more businesses with innovative product ideas and concepts coming to us for development. Products from a range of industry types and differing sectors, where marketplaces have opened up due to the availability and use of new materials.

New materials like graphene for example, which was once known to be far too expensive to consider regular use, is now however coming down in cost so opening up a wider marketplace for use. And because of this, we’re confident that many more products will be found in the home which have been produced using this particular material.

Of course, for the end user, they will unlikely know that these high-tech substances form such a vital part of the materials used within their everyday essentials – but for the manufacturers and resellers of these products, the innovation offered is vast!

So, whether you’re a coating company or a manufacturer of plasticine and you need pigments specifically chosen to offer you the right physical characteristics, then you need performance coatings with a difference.

You need the experts at Centre Colours.

Specialists in the design and manufacturing of high-quality pigment dispersions

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