Standard that’s more than
just “standard”

When it comes to litho concentrates the standard
isn’t always as standard as what you might think.

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Standard products 

Most products are unique and quite often (over 70% of the time) don’t follow “standard” practices when it comes to concentrates, making the technical specifications required much more, well, non-standard.

That’s not to say we don’t offer standard ranges here at Centre Colours; we do, especially when it comes to the pigmented concentrates in conventional uses or the Pantone base colour ranges we manufacture.

But this is only the start.

For example, coming to us and asking for a standard blue may not seem a completely bizarre request, but what if our standard blue is slightly stronger or slightly redder than the base you currently use?

In this instance, if you were to purchase and use our standard blue, rather than your original blue, without allowing the colour matchers to adjust the formulation, well, the ink will be most definitely off shade and noticeably different.

That’s why at Centre Colours we’ll adjust our standard blue to be identical to your current concentrate rather than you going through the painstaking task of re-matching all your formulations.

Hence, the standard isn’t always standard with Centre Colours.

Of course, we don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every time, so we often offer standard chemistries albeit with minor tweaks, always putting your best interests first, and providing you with the perfect colour match every time!

Why choose Centre Colours?

Quality, cost-effective, full of colour!

Three qualities that we follow wholeheartedly and which sum up Centre Colours very accurately – embracing them as our company values and showcasing them to our customers in the products and service we provide.

We tailor our services to suit you, so if you’re on the lookout for highly pigmented concentrates which are vibrant in colour, all manufactured to the highest quality, then you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing lower quality products to increase your profit margins, never works. Ultimately your products become known for being of little or poor quality, ultimately resulting in you losing customers.

This is especially the case if poor quality litho concentrates are purchased, diminishing product quality as differences can be seen immediately.

At Centre Colours, we work with you and your budgets to provide you with cost-effective solutions to meet all of your product needs. Blending the most sophisticated concentrates in paste ink to achieve any shade, our litho concentrates developers are on hand to support you with any bespoke and custom product requirements, talking you through our entire process and ensuring quality throughout.

We have been supplying the paint, coatings and ink industries with high-quality dispersions and concentrates for many years. We’ve drawn on and developed our experience over time, continuing to stay up to date with new technology and advances in the area of concentrates; with all of this combined building our reputation for quality and excellence. For not settling for second best. For not applying the same formulations across the board to clearly different and unique requirements.

Based in Leeds, we’re proud to be the supplier of choice to businesses globally.

So, if you’re looking for a company who can deliver on your exact specifications, the team at Centre Colours are the ones to call.

Our Services

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Punctual delivery on Litho
Concentrates Coatings

we know the importance of making sure things are delivered on time. Especially within some sectors, where if paste ink concentrates are delivered late, your whole production process can be affected, ultimately having a negative impact on your bottom line.

But not with Centre Colours.

We deliver on time, every time, reassuring you that your delivery times will be met, providing you with all of your litho and paste ink concentrates needs. What’s more, we’re also known to work to stringent deadlines, and working on projects of varying sizes, we’re equipped and on hand to tackle it all.

Pigment powder and liquid paint

Solutions tailored
for everyone 

we specialise in pigment dispersions, and we can provide you with a variety of solutions when it comes to litho concentrates, and more.  Our team are true professionals when it comes to pigment dispersions and is on hand to answer all of your questions.

Oh, and we’re also the country’s leading pigment dispersion suppliers and litho concentrate manufacturers, but we don’t like to brag!

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Standard and custom
litho concentrates

– if you’re looking for something a little different, unique and bespoke to you, when standard ranges of paste ink concentrate won’t do, call us and let us manufacture to your exact requirements. We’re experienced and highly skilled in the fields of bespoke litho concentrate printing inks, and custom paste ink concentrates coatings, and we’re more than happy to work alongside your internal teams to manufacture and produce concentrates that are right for you and your customers.

With tight manufacturing controls and processes in place we ensure quality at all times, all batch runs are documented in full, and we abide by all health and safety guidelines and requirements – Centre Colours offers you complete peace of mind that your products are in the best hands.

To find out about our services call us on 01977 685458 or if you’re interested in finding out more about our performance products click here.

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Meeting market demands

We work with ink, paint and coating companies for any given project. We offer two services to meet the bespoke demands of customers.

In some instances, the companies we work with already know what products they need for their market and have produced individual formulas which work for them. In such cases we act as toll manufacturer, taking raw materials from the customer and using our specialist equipment and infrastructure we provide the manufacturing process on their behalf.
We can offer a complete service, which still includes the manufacturing process, but it goes on to include the sourcing of the raw materials ourselves and producing the formulation you require, providing you complete convenience and flexibility in approach.

A service tailored to you

The service we provide matched with the ability of our manufacturing processes to offer practically perfect colour dispersions, is what makes us different.

That and we listen to all of our customers. Finding out the needs and wants and creating a customised process, tailored to these specifications.

The use of paints and inks are unique to each company, and at Centre Colours, we understand this, we know that standard solutions won’t work for all situations and don’t suit every company’s requirements.

So please make sure to call us today if you would like to discuss your colour dispersion requirements in more detail.

When it comes to colour, we can tailor just about anything to meet your needs.

For example, we manufacture pigment concentrates which can be used in radiation-cured, conventional sheetfed, and heat set inks – ideal for lithographic ink companies who use these features and elements regularly. 

The Leading manufacturer in Litho Concentrates

We don’t like to brag, but… we’ve built our reputation over the years, developing our products and services in the world of pigment dispersions, to become the country’s leading litho concentrates manufacturer – a status we hold with high regard.

Allowing for a smooth print every time, we can provide you with the very best in litho concentrates.

If you’re looking for litho concentrate printing inks you’ve come to the right place.

Offering you the most competitive prices around, with leading litho concentrate developers on hand to answer your questions, and the high-quality products that our specialists have developed available to you, you have every colour to gain and nothing to lose when you call
Centre Colours today.

Contact us on 01977 685458 and speak to the specialist’s in pigment dispersions today.

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