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This may seem like quite a dramatic sentiment, but it’s true. Our factories boast the latest advances in technology and equipment available, all to enable us to provide a high level of service and top-quality products to our customers.

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Triple Roll Mills

Our three roll mills (or triple roll mills as they’re also known) are used to break agglomerates down into maximum particulate sizes to achieve quality pigment dispersion.

The three-roll mill process is the preferred choice for viscous paste dispersions.

Ultimately, three roll mills use shear force which is created by the three horizontal positioned rollers, all rotating in different directions and at varying speeds to each other.

The use of triple roll mills allows for more uniform particles to be produced, which is of vital importance when it comes to product quality.

Using triple roll mills within our factories allows us to pass these benefits back to you in the form of high-quality products that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re the leading manufacturer and supplier of pigment dispersions throughout the UK, and our triple roll mills and other various laboratory equipment plays a significant role in the job we do.

Are you looking for a manufacturer of triple roll milled products who you can trust?

Look no further than Centre Colours.

Working with companies throughout the UK and worldwide, we’re the leading manufacturer when it comes to supplying the very best in high quality, bespoke products, all at competitive prices. 

We have years of knowledge and expertise in the industry, working with a range of machinery and systems, adapting and developing pigment dispersions to suit a variety of business requirements. 

Individuals and companies from all ink, paint, and coatings industries trust us when it comes to providing the right and the perfect ink solutions for them – and you can too. 

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Why choose us for triple roll milling?

As well as offering high-quality products, we also match this with exceptional customer service. We aim to always go above and beyond in our offer and guidance to customers, working together, we listen to your requirements, and we deliver a solution that is right for you.

We also understand that for some businesses you depend on three roll milling pigment dispersions to keep your production lines moving, so we understand requests for deliveries to be on time, every time.

We work with your timescales and delivery schedules, and we’ve never let a customer down to date!

What’s more, we can also design and manufacture to any requirement, working with standard products (albeit with some minor tweaking) as well as bespoke and customisable products, we can support you with it all.

We also have a dedicated site where we handle all pigment dispersion work, and with high (and we mean really high) quality standard procedures and controls in place (as well as following stringent Health and Safety guidelines), we guarantee the quality of all products produced and manufactured by Centre Colours.

Finally, our team are trained experts in triple roll milling and are always on hand to provide you with advice and guidance should you need it.

If you have any questions about three roll milling for paint, we’re always at the other end of the phone – or if you’re in Leeds pop in a ask us in person!

Colour palette for industrial paint

Leaders in the industry

Three-roll milling is a well-established process, and at Centre Colours, we don’t claim to be better at it than anyone else. 

Our skill and expertise lie with our formulation and selection of materials. 

This is what truly sets us apart. 

We believe we are leading the way in cutting edge pigment dispersion developments, and we use our machinery and manufacturing processes to support our mission. 

Tailoring our services and offer to our customers’ requirements and working together in partnership to develop different techniques and investing in new machinery and tech to meet these changing and specific demands, we continue to always stay one step ahead of the game. 

The sector is one that is moving and changing at a pace and at Centre Colours we continually strive to stay as one of the principal catalysts in this evolution. 

Offering cost-effective and efficient solutions we’re confident that we will stay as the number one milling supplier in the UK for many more years to come. 

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