Commercial paint manufacturers use pigment dispersions to create paints in a huge variety of hues, which are then used by homeowners across the globe to personalize houses and apartments. In order to appeal to their target audience, manufacturers need to ensure that their paints perform as required. Good quality paint can only be made with good quality dispersions and there are two key performance metrics that DIY enthusiasts and trade customers alike are concerned with when choosing what paints to coat their property walls with, both of which depend on the quality of the pigment dispersions used to make them:

  • Productivity – A more productive paint is one that covers a greater area for a given amount of liquid and the easiest way to ensure good productivity is to use pigment dispersions with an excellent concentration of pigment in the base grind. Such dispersions can be used to create paints which, when diluted to achieve lighter tones and shades, retain their ability to cover a large surface area with a relatively small amount of liquid. Because the all-important pigments are evenly distributed throughout such paints, they are very easy to work with and it takes less coats to produce a uniform finish. All these qualities ensure greater productivity, which, of course, means lower costs for end users, without the need to make compromises as far as quality is concerned.
  • Colour Strength – A good quality paint must exhibit stable colour strength when applied to different surfaces. This goal can most easily be achieved by using pigment dispersions that employ dispersants known for their ability to control the attraction and repulsion forces between individual pigment particles. Using pigment particles of the right size can help enormously in achieving this goal but it can only really be guaranteed by using the best dispersants for the job. Quality dispersants maintain a delicate balance of attraction and repulsion between the pigment particles: a balance that makes it possible to achieve good viscosity and strength of colour in paints of all types. Paints that exhibit these desirable characteristics are in great demand as they enable painters and decorators to accurately translate the visions of interior designers, and delight their clients in the process.

As well as enabling manufacturers to produce paints that meet end users’ expectations, quality pigment dispersions make the task of mixing different shades and tones much simpler than it would otherwise be. Paints with evenly dispersed pigments that are also very stable tend to react with other paints in a predictable manner, allowing mixing specialists to create a wide variety of custom hues very easily. Given the high expectations of both domestic and trade customers in the 21st century, it is important for paint suppliers to be able to create custom blends quickly and accurately so it is not difficult to understand why they too are very keen on paints made with quality pigment dispersions.

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